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Short bio

saint-bauzel Ludovic
Title : Associate Professor
Address : 4 place Jussieu, CC 173, 75252 Paris cedex 05
Email : saintbauzel(at)

Research Activity

  • Issues and aim:
    The framework of my research is to develop and control assisting devices to help elderly people and fragile in mobility patients. The issue is how the control can be suggested to create a comfortable behaviour for the user.

  • Results :

  • New Protocols – New Criteria. 

    • Energy and Trajectory : A study of sit-to-stand motion performed with a impedance control and a position control. The impedance evolution is used to determine the best trajectory to follow

    • Ecologic Test : A sit to stand and walking protocol has been invented and tested with old people in hospitals, this protocol is able to show the state of mobility ability of the patient while using a smart-walker device.

  • Model Human Disease

    • Linear Cerebellar Disease : Delay hypothesis in feedback term show a quite good representation of the human cerebellar response. It allows to show that a predictive controller is a good way to help stabilize this kind of patient.

    • Linear Parameter Variable : Knee Model during the walk with changing parameters based on knee angular value. 

    • Non-Linear : Synergy model of Sit-To-Stand Motion based on neural network, called "Partially Autofeed Neural Predictive Observer", this learning method and neural network description were able to show good ability to predict human diseased motion. Even if it is using robotic device.

  • ”Patient Able” Control

    • Fuzzy-Based Intention detection : This detector shows its intuitiveness while used by 10 diseased patients with a very small failing ratio.

    • Adaptative Parameter Selection : This method is a gaussian process model of parameters exploring method to reduce uncertainty with a very small number of iterations. 


Research Animation Activities

2016 : Member of direction board of IFRH (Disability Research Federative Institute)


Administrative Activities

2012-2016 : Information System Director of Polytech Paris UPMC School of Engineering

2008-2012 : Responsible of IT Team of Polytech Paris UPMC School of Engineering



Last Projects


Teaching Activities

2016 - Now : Tutoring problem based courses : Initiation course

2015 - Now  : Computer Science at University Pierre and Marie Curie  UPMC - Paris 6

  • Embedded System Projects : EI-SE4 ( C, FPGA, Java... )

  • Embedded Operating Systems : EI-SE5 (Beagle one Black, Raspberry Pi...)

  • Real-time Programming : ROB5, International Master Mechatronic Systems for Rehabilitation  (MSR)

2012 -  Now : Autonomous mobile robots ( Polytechnique school : 1st French Engineering School)

  • Digital Electronics :  mounting and programmation of electronic components

  • Operating Systems : Linux Xenomai

  • Real-Time Programming in C.

  • Low Level Programming on Raspberry Pi

2010 - Now  : Computer Science l'UPMC-Paris 6

  • Embedded System Projects  : ELI4 (Php, C, Java, Jsp... ), ELI5 (C++, FPGA )

  • Real-Time Programming : ROB5, Master Internation de rehabilitation (MSR)

2008-2009 : Computer Science at UPMC de Paris 6


  • C : Operating System, Real-Time

  • Projects  : ELI4 (Php, C, Java, Jsp... ) E2I

2007-2008 : Computer Science at EPU de Paris 6

  • VBA : algorithmic initiation 

  • C : Operating System, Real-Time 

2004-2007 : Autonomous mobile robotics at Ecole Polytechnique (Polytechnic School):


  • Digital Electronics 

  • Operating Systems : Linux RTAI / DOS

  • Real-Time Programmation in C.



2009Associate Professor at école Polytech'Paris - UPMC

2008 :Assistant Professor à l'école Polytech'Paris - UPMC

2007 : PhD in Robotics – "De la modélisation prédictive du comportement pathologique à l'application dans l'interaction Robot-Patient"

               "From predictive model of diseased behaviour to its application in Human-Patient Interaction"

Defended on 2007-12-14

A. ROBY-BRAMI Médecin - DR INSERM, Laboratoire de Neurophysique et Physiologie Rapporteur

D. DUHAUT Professeur des Universités, Valoria Rapporteur

P-Y. HENNION Professeur à l’Université Pierre et Marie Curie Examinateur

J-C. GUINOT Professeur à l’Université Pierre et Marie Curie Directeur de thèse

V. PASQUI Maître de conférence à l’Université Pierre et Marie Curie Examinateur

B. GAS Maître de conférence à l’Université Pierre et Marie Curie Examinateur

I. MONTEIL Médecin, Hôpital Leopold Bellan Examinateur

V. DUPOURQUE Chef de l’entreprise ROBOSOFT Examinateur


2004 : Master Degree in Robotics and Intelligent Systems (RESIN)

2003 : Master Degree in Computer Science "Ingénieur en Informatique" (Option Software Engineering) at Ecole Supérieur d’Informatique Et Applications de Lorraine (ESIAL)