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IBANEZ Aurélien
Titre : Autre
Ne fait plus partie de l'unité

PhD Student

CNRS-UPMC ISIR Institute for Intelligent Systems and Robotics
 –  (3 ans 11 mois)Région de Paris , France

Emergence of complex behaviors from coordinated predictive control in humanoid robotics

Visiting Research Scholar

German Aerospace Center - DLR
 –  (5 mois)Munich Area, Germany

Real-time implementation of predictive optimal control methods on the humanoid robot TORO

Co-Founder And CTO

 –  (1 an 1 mois)Région de Paris , France

"Normalien" student

École Normale Supérieure de Cachan
 –  (4 ans)Cachan

"Normalien" student, Civil Servant for the Ministry for Higher Education and Research, 4th year

Scientific Consultant

CNS Conseil
 –  (1 an 1 mois)

Consulting for Dufournier Technologies, FR:
- Development of a sensor measurements post-processing algorithm to increase acquisition resolution,
- Implementation of a contact area mapping numeric tool to link force measurements to tire structure.

Research Intern

CNRS-AIST JRL Joint Robotics Laboratory
 –  (5 mois)Tsukuba, Japan

Identication of haptic parameters from humanoid embedded sensing for direct human-humanoid physical interaction

Engineering Intern

SAFRAN - Snecma
 –  (2 mois)Villaroche

Contributing to a Classified National Defense Project:
- Designed test methods and techniques for measuring mechanical constraints in polymer materials for applications in propulsion/turbine reactors.